Woocommerce / Awebooking update

Hi there

I need an experienced dev who speaks good English for some easy wordpress plugin and website DB updating.

I have a wordpress site which is currently fully working

www.v3.crewcabins.co.uk (V3 this is actually my original website which has been duplicated for functionality reference only, no changes will be made to this version)

The version below has had woocommerce AND wordpress both updated to the latest version:

www.crewcabins.co.uk (V1 original website with updated woocommerce and wordpress already applied)

Problem I have is the newly updated version on V1 has broken the checkout section of the site. It does not let me pass to the actual checkout to complete payment. I have had custom coding work done on my original V3 site with a custom API call feature so all of this must function (you can use V3 to test to see how V1 should be functioning).

I use Awebooking for my cart and products, awebooking uses woocommerce for the checkout process for payment so when ive updated woocommerce, its broken the link to the awebooking cart / checkout process.

At the moment an error currently occurs is after trying to go to the checkout after selecting a room, the cart just refreshes and brings you back to the check availability page. This is a pretty easy job for someone with experience with Wordpress and woocommerce.

I want to work with you.

Many thanks

Бюджет: 7000 руб.
Город: Абакан
Вид предложения: Удаленная работа (разовый заказ)
Оплата: электронные деньги
Категория: Дизайн сайтов / приложений / интерфейсов

Добавлено: 07.08.2020 в 06:20

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Nikodim Nikу    07.08.2020   21:26:20     

Здравствуйте. Могу указать кто реально способны взяться за такую работу.
Андрей Соколенко    07.08.2020   06:37:04     

Добрый день. Готов решить данную задачу.
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