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This is very simple task. Part of your job will be to upload articles in all languages to the website and make sure they are uploaded to perfectly match the original English versions. So the main requirements are :
Perfect English
WordPress knowledge
Attention to details

The rate is 6-10 USD per hour. This is long term project !

Бюджет: 8 $
Вид предложения: Удаленная работа (разовый заказ)
Категория: Наполнение / Редактирование контента сайта

Добавлено: 05.03.2019 в 23:45

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Владислав Дунаев    14.03.2019   11:43:47    от 1 до 9 часов    от 6 до 10 Руб  

Hello there!
I think, i can help you, so pls contact to me if i interest u
Many thanks !