Second life avatar needed

Blender, 3Ds Max, Maya, Zbrush skills needed
Enclosed you may find some photos, or try to web: "Moonlight Sentinel"

Before I choose you please provide your Second life works with relative extension!

1) Elf, man
2) Normal white skin (similar as on pic 1)
3) White-red dress (similar as on pic 1)
3) Bow (similar as on pic 1), enchanted with blue color (similar as on pic 2)
4) Xenon blue eyes
5) Dont make a 100% same as you find in a web, as it have copyright protection.
My budget is 100 USD

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Бюджет: 67000 руб.
Статус: снято с публикации
Вид предложения: Удаленная работа (разовый заказ)
Категория: 3D-графика и моделирование

Добавлено: 05.01.2019 в 14:22