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Эссе по английскому языку

Эссе по английскому языку
Эссе по английскому языку
Эссе по английскому языку

Recently, when I was written one of my essays in order to prepare for my final English exam, I felt that the theme of the essay was really close to me and it was almost impossible to express all my thoughts and feelings about it in two hundred and fifty words. For this reason, I decided to write this. To be honest, this is my first text in such a form. I mean that nobody says what you should write, no one limits you.

I’m not an expert in any topics, including English writing. Sometimes I can make mistakes but, as for me, it’s normal, as I just studying. Moreover, who doesn’t make them? It’s quite boring, isn’t it? Well, we’ll talk about mistakes later but now let’s get back to the main theme. So, today I suggest you a question ‘is it possible to get the best things in life for free?’

I think, before giving an answer to this question we should realize what things can be called the best. One of the common proverbs says ‘Many men, many minds’. But personally, I’m convinced that the best things in life are love, friendship, freedom, embraces, laughter, care, lovely songs, realizing that someone really loves you for what you really are, sincere happiness, watching the sunset, self-acceptance, honesty, the feeling of warmth and coziness next to a person you care about, the absence of fear when you express your feelings. I’ve mentioned only those things that came to my mind the first but, as you can see, there are already a lot of them. There is no doubt that people can’t buy any of these things because most of them forms during people′s relationships or depends on a person′s self-perception or his or her attitude to life. Basing on these facts, I can say that things that I consider to be the best are available for anyone. For this reason, no one needs to pay for them. Moreover, these best things can bring happiness in your life and make you feel ′warmth in your soul′. As a result, you are able to find a harmony with yourself.

As far as I know, there are people who think that the best things in life are those that can be bought. Why do they hold this opinion? That’s an interesting question, the answer to which I can only assume. Firstly, love or friendship, for instance, might end one day and may hurt you. But material things, in turn, stay with you as long as you want. The difference between these two things is in desire. In the first case, only your desire isn’t enough as any relationships should be built on the initiative of each person they affect. Yes, no one guarantees that someone will not want to leave at one moment. Yes, it might be painful. But it’s a choice, a choice of a person. And you have to accept it no matter how difficult it is. The second option, as for me, is easier. It’s easy to put material things in the first place and hide your feelings instead of studying to live with them. It seems to me that people who think that material things are the most important are afraid of real life. They are more afraid of being left along or something else and therefore don’t even try to open up to any other person. However, it seems important to me to find someone you can talk to like with yourself. But I repeat ‘Many men, many minds’. And I don’t say that any position is right or wrong. Each of them has the right to exist. They are like two sides of the same coin. Moreover, no one has canceled the existence of intermediate opinions.
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