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I am a Germany-based linguist, currently enrolled in postgraduate studies at University of Potsdam.
I received my Bachelor′s Degree in Philology at Yerevan State Linguistic University in 2013. Further on I continued my education in philology at University of Hull in Great Britain, University of Louisiana in Monroe, USA, and eventually landed up at University of Potsdam in Germany.
Germany is the country where I currently reside and work in a respective academic field, targeting philology-related issues. My specialization is in Russian, English and German languages.
I would be more than happy to assist you with translation, editing, proofreading, creative writing and with any task that engages these beautiful languages. Languages are my biggest passion. I am a happy person to have a profession, which is above all a hobby.
My chief qualities are respectfulness, responsibiliy, honesty and integrity. I treat everyone who applies to me not as a profit-promising client, but firstly as a human who needs to be assisted in the most integrious and conscientious way. This mindset helps me not only in my personal, but also in my professional life, since a positive working atmosphere gets created, which is much appreciated by my colleagues and customers.

Feel free to get in touch with me. I look forward to our cooperation !

Best regards,